New Natural Stone Roofing Tiles & Slates

Making New roof Tiles

At Hay Stone we produce authentic, diminishing-coursed stone roof tiles in the traditional way – handmade using specially-shaped hammers and no small measure of patience and expertise. Stone tile-making in this manner is an ancient craft, introduced to Britain by the Romans approximately 2000 years ago and at Hay Stone we’re keeping this precious craft alive by training and employing local craftsmen in their manufacture. Each roof tile is carefully shaped from a single piece of Old Red Sandstone that has been sourced from the small quarry at our site.

Examples of Our Work

Roof tiles manufactured at Hay Stone have successfully been used on a number of heritage and conservation projects thoughout Herefordshire, the Welsh Marches and beyond. Owing to the durability of the sandstone that they’re crafted from, stone roof tiles can have lifespans measured in centuries if correctly laid and maintained. Stone tiles can however become damaged by movement in the building or roof they are placed upon, and damaged tiles can allow the ingress of water into the roof. This may affect the integrity of the roof structure which can in turn create a cascade effect of damage to other roof tiles and may in time cause the entire roof to fail. It is recommended that stone-tiled roofs are inspected annually for signs of damage, with any broken tiles replaced as soon as practical. Whether your requirement is for an entire new stone-tiled roof, or a small quantity to repair an existing roof, stone roof tiles from Hay Stone are the perfect choice for your project.


Dore Abbey

Penrhos Court

Gatley PArk House

Llanveynoe Church

Weobley CHurch

Penlan Farm House

Capel-y-Ffin Chapel